Sorted Cities

'Sorted Cities' is an ever-growing collection of posters, based on building footprints that have been sorted by size and shown in proportion to each other. To create these works Hans Hack combines his long-term artistic practice and interest in cartography with his skills as a web-developer. In the pursuit of visualising unique architectural constellations, groupings and typologies he has programmed a map based tool to automatically carry out a selection and sorting process of any city’s urban fabric. A demo version of this tool is available on this site. The tool uses data from OpenStreetMap, a open source project that is much more than just a map and in fact contains an enormous data-base containing information about many of the world’s buildings whether they are architectural icons or just part of the common building stock. This permits Hans Hack to artistically explore innovative relationships between buildings by, for example, filtering them according to their function. If you are interested in ordering a poster, please follow this link.

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